진보당 “친일·독재 미화 교과서 주범이 교육부 차관..청소년에 부끄럽지 않나”

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진보당 청소년특별위원회(위원장 김도현)​는 8일 논평을 통해 “오석환 대통령실 교육비서관이 교육부 차관으로 임명됐다”며, “친일·독재 미화 교과서 주범이 교육부 차관이라니 청소년들에게 부끄럽지 않느냐”고 비판했다. 


김도현 위원장은 “교육은 백년지대계라는 말이 있지 않은가.”라고 강조하며,  “청소년의 미래를 친일•독재 미화하는 차관에게 맡길 수 없다.”고 직격 비판했다.  (사진, 오석환 차관-뉴시스)   © 김충열 정치전문기자


김도현 위원장은 “친일·독재를 미화한 박근혜 정부 역사 국정교과서를 추진할때 함께한 그 오석환 단장이다.”며, “당시 역사 국정교과서를 홍보하고 지지세력을 만드는 업무를 했던 인물로 공무원들을 불법으로 인력 차출하고 예비비도 편법으로 쓰는등의 범죄를 저질렀다.”고 상기시켰다.  


김 위원장은 “역사 국정교과서 추진에 참여한 자가 교육부 차관을 맡는 것도 기가 막힌데 그 인물이 불법을 저질렀던 자라고 하니 어처구니가 없다.”며, “윤석열 정부는 이전 정권의 사람을 돌려쓰지 않으면 국정운영을 할 사람이 그렇게도 없단 말인가?”라고 통탄해 했다. 


그는 “불 수능을 이야기하며 사교육 카르텔을 없애겠다고 목소리를 높이던 윤석열 대통령이었다.”며, “하지만 언제 그런 일이 있었냐는 듯 노골적으로 자신의 입맛에 맞는 자를 앉히기 바쁘다.”고 힐난했다.  


김도현 위원장은 “교육은 백년지대계라는 말이 있지 않은가.”라고 강조하며, “청소년의 미래를 친일•독재 미화하는 차관에게 맡길 수 없다.”고 직격 비판했다.


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 Progressive Party “Vice Minister of Education, main culprit of pro-Japanese and dictatorship glorification textbooks, isn’t it shameful for the youth?”

The future of youth cannot be entrusted to a vice minister who glorifies pro-Japanese and dictatorship.


On December 8, the Progressive Party Youth Special Committee (Chairman Kim Do-hyun) commented, “Oh Seok-hwan, the education secretary in the Presidential Office, has been appointed as Vice Minister of Education,” and “Isn’t the Vice Minister of Education the main culprit of pro-Japanese and dictatorial glorification textbooks, a shame to the youth?” He criticized.


Chairman Kim Do-hyun said, “This is Director Oh Seok-hwan, who was with the Park Geun-hye government when it promoted the national history textbook that glorified pro-Japanese and dictatorship.” He added, “He was in charge of promoting the national history textbook at the time and creating support groups, and he illegally hired public officials. and committed crimes such as expedient use of reserve funds,” he reminded.


Chairman Kim said, “It is astounding that someone who participated in the push for a government-issued history textbook is serving as vice minister of education, but it is absurd to say that this person is someone who committed illegal acts.” He added, “The Yoon Seok-yeol government will not be able to run state affairs unless it replaces people from the previous administration.” “There are so few people?” he lamented.


He criticized President Yoon Seok-yeol, saying, “It was President Yoon Seok-yeol who was talking about a failed college entrance exam and raising his voice to eliminate the private education cartel,” and, “But he is busy blatantly putting in place those who suit his tastes, as if that has never happened before.”


Chairman Kim Do-hyun emphasized, “Isn’t there a saying that education is a century-old plan?” and directly criticized the youth, saying, “The future of youth cannot be entrusted to a vice minister who is pro-Japanese and glorifies dictatorship.”



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