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[브레이크뉴스=배종태 기자] 2010년 8월 초순경 부산 강서구 대저동 낙동강 근처 농막에서 친형을 살해한 진범이 13년만에 자수했다.


21일 부산진경찰서와 검찰에 따르면, 현재 50대인 A씨는 당시 40대였던 친형 B씨와 말다툼하다 욕을 심하게 하는 것에 화가 나 B씨를 숨지게 했다.


당시 대저동 낙동강 둔치에서 한 낚시꾼이 움막에서 숨져있던 B씨를 발견해 경찰에 신고했다. 전담수사팀을 꾸렸던 경찰은 목격자를 찾지 못했고, 수사가 난항을 겪으면서 장기 미제 사건으로 넘겨졌다. 당시 경찰은 움막이 외딴곳에 있었고, 폐쇄회로(CC)TV나 목격자도 없어 범인을 찾지 못했다.


A 씨는 지난 8월 자수한 뒤 경찰 조사에서 “숨진 남성은 친형인데, 움막을 짓고 사는 걸 못마땅하게 여겨 다른 곳으로 옮겨서 살라고 권유했지만 받아들이지 않아 범행을 저질렀다. 죄책감 때문에 견딜 수가 없었다”라고 13년 만에 자수한 이유에 대해 진술한 것으로 전해졌다.


경찰은 A 씨를 살인 혐의로 구속해 검찰에 송치했고, 추가 수사를 거쳐 지난달 6일부터 부산지법에서 재판이 진행 중이다.


아래는 위 기사를 '구글 번역'으로 번역한 영문 기사의 [전문]이다. <*The following is [the full text] of the English article translated by 'Google Translate'. 'Google Translate' is working hard to improve understanding. It is assumed that there may be errors in the English translation.


The real criminal who murdered his older brother in a farm hut near the Nakdong River in Daejeo-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan around early August 2010 surrendered after 13 years.


According to the Busanjin Police Station and the prosecution on the 21st, Mr. A, currently in his 50s, was in an argument with his older brother, Mr. B, who was in his 40s at the time, and became angry when he swore harshly, so he hit his head with a wooden block, killing him.


At that time, a fisherman found Mr. B dead from a blunt object to the head in a hut on the bank of the Nakdong River in Daejeo-dong and reported it to the police. The police, who had formed a dedicated investigation team, were unable to find any witnesses, and as the investigation encountered difficulties, the case was turned over to a long-term cold case. At the time, the police were unable to find the culprit because the hut was in a remote location and there were no CCTV cameras or witnesses.


After surrendering in August, Mr. A said in a police investigation, "The man who died was my older brother. He didn't like me building a hut and suggested I move to another place to live, but I didn't accept and committed the crime. I couldn't bear it because of the guilt," after 13 years. It is reported that he gave a statement about the reason for his surrender.


The police arrested Mr. A on suspicion of murder and sent him to the prosecution. After further investigation, the trial has been in progress at the Busan District Court since the 6th of last month.

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