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브레이크뉴스 박동제 기자= 원로배우 남일우가 별세했다. 향년 85세. 


어제(지난달 31일) 소속사 매니지먼트 율에 따르면, 남일우는 이날 새벽 노환으로 세상을 떠났다.


남일우는 지난 1958년 KBS 공채 성우로 데뷔해 방송 활동을 시작했고, 이후 1964년 KBS 공채 4기 배우로 연기를 시작했다. 남일우는 드라마 ‘용의 눈물’, ‘야인시대’, 영화 <친절한 금자씨>, <내부자들>, <신과함께-인과 연> 등 다양한 작품에 출연했다. 


남일우는 1965년 동료 배우 김용림과 결혼해 슬하에 1남 1녀를 뒀다. 아들 남성진은 배우로 활동 중이며, 며느리도 배우인 김지영이다. 


고인의 빈소는 서울아산병원 장례식장 30호에 마련됐다. 아내 김용림, 아들 남성진, 며느리 김지영 등이 상주에 이름을 올렸다. 발인은 오는 2일 오전 11시, 장지는 시안가족추모공원이다.


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Veteran actor Nam Il-woo passes away, Kim Yong-rim's husband, Nam Seong-jin's father, and Kim Ji-young's in-laws die.


Passed away in the early morning of the 31st of last month due to old age, aged 85.




Break News Reporter Park Dong-je = Veteran actor Nam Il-woo passed away. He died at the age of 85.


According to his agency Management Yul yesterday (the 31st of last month), Nam Il-woo passed away in the early morning of the same day due to old age.


Nam Il-woo debuted as a KBS public recruitment voice actor in 1958 and began his broadcasting career, and later began acting as a 4th KBS public recruitment actor in 1964. Nam Il-woo has appeared in a variety of works, including the dramas ‘Tears of the Dragon’ and ‘The Age of Wild People’, and the movies ‘Kind Lady Vengeance’, ‘Inside Men’, and ‘Along with the Gods: Cause and Effect’.


Nam Il-woo married fellow actor Kim Yong-rim in 1965 and had one son and one daughter. Her son, Nam Sung-jin, is an actor, and her daughter-in-law, Kim Ji-young, is also an actress.


His deceased mortuary was set up in room 30 of the funeral hall at Asan Hospital in Seoul. His wife Kim Yong-rim, son Nam Seong-jin, and daughter-in-law Kim Ji-young were named in the Sangju. His funeral will be held at 11 a.m. on the 2nd, and the burial site will be the Xian Family Memorial Park.




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