[시]호박잎 되어

문일석 시인 l 기사입력 2024-04-03


가 -가 +

한여름 뙤약볕 향한

큰잎 한잎 호박잎 되어


가파른 담벼락


넝쿨손으로 붙들고


태양열에 시들시들 지쳐있는 듯

그늘 막에 둥그런 호박 한 알 달고


산다는 건 그런 것


그저그저 그대 향한

그리움만 안고 산다.(2024.4.3.)



시인. 한국문인협회 회원(시분과). 서울시인협회 이사.


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[Poetry] Become a pumpkin leaf

-Poet Moon Il-suk


Towards the scorching midsummer sun

A large leaf becomes a pumpkin leaf


steep wall

Just barely

Holding on with vine hands


Looks like he's withering away from the sun's rays

Put a round pumpkin on the shade screen


That's what living is like


Just towards you

I live with only longing. (April 3, 2024)


*Writer/Moon Il-suk.

poet. Member of the Korean Literary Association (Poetry Division). Director of the Seoul Poets Association.


-Spring white magnolia blooming at Eoeundang on Mireuksan Mountain. Borrowed from artist Lee Jung-hee's Facebook page.


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