‘허재 아들’ 농구선수 허웅, 전 여자친구 고소 “결별 후 수년간 금전 협박”

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브레이크뉴스 박동제 기자= 프로농구 부산 KCC 이지스 소속 허웅(31)이 전 여자친구를 경찰에 고소할 예정인 것으로 알려졌다.


26일 MBN 보도에 따르면, 농구선수 허웅은 오늘 서울 강남경찰서에 전 여자친구 A씨를 협박·공갈 혐의로 고소장을 접수할 예정이다.


허웅은 A씨와 교제를 이어가다 지난 2021년 결별했다. A씨는 결별 후에도 3년간 허웅을 협박하며 금전을 요구한 것으로 알려졌다.


허웅 측 변호인은 MBN에 “허씨가 수년간 협박에 시달린 것이 맞다”며 “오늘 중으로 경찰서에 고소장을 접수할 예정”이라고 밝혔다.


한편, 허웅은 ‘농구 대통령’이라 불리는 허재 전 농구 국가대표팀 감독의 아들로, 현재 프로농구 부산 KCC 이지스에서 활약 중이다. 


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‘Heo Jae’s son’ Basketball player Heo Woong sues ex-girlfriend for threatening her with money for years after breakup


A complaint is scheduled to be filed on charges of threats and extortion on the 26th.




Break News Reporter Park Dong-je = It has been reported that Heo Woong (31), a member of the Busan KCC Aegis professional basketball team, plans to file a complaint with the police against his ex-girlfriend.


According to an MBN report on the 26th, basketball player Heo Woong plans to file a complaint against his ex-girlfriend, Ms. A, at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul today on charges of threats and blackmail.


Heo Woong continued to date Mr. A but broke up in 2021. It is known that Mr. A threatened Heo Woong for three years even after her breakup and demanded money.


Heo Woong's lawyer told MBN, "It is true that Mr. Heo has suffered from threats for several years," and added, "We plan to file a complaint with the police today."


Meanwhile, Heo Woong is the son of former national basketball team coach Heo Jae, who is called the ‘basketball president’, and is currently playing for the Busan KCC Aegis in professional basketball.




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