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브레이크뉴스 박동제 기자= 그룹 뉴진스(NewJeans / 민지, 하니, 다니엘, 해린, 혜인)가 6월 4주차 아이돌차트 아차랭킹 1위에 올랐다.


6일 아이돌차트는 “뉴진스는 오늘 발표된 6월 4주차(6월 24일~6월 30일) 아차랭킹에서 음원 점수 1896점, 유튜브 점수 1만 5671점, 소셜 점수 3780점 등 총점 2만 1467점으로 1위를 기록했다”고 밝혔다.


2위는 총점 1만 2251점의 에스파가 차지했다. 뒤를 이어 이영지(7958점), QWER(6154점), 아이브(5240점), 라이즈(4815점), 아이유(4601점), 임영웅(4252점), 아일릿(4225점), 이무진(3762점) 순으로 집계됐다.


한편, 뉴진스는 지난달 26·27일 열린 도쿄돔 팬미팅 ‘Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome’에 총 9만 1200여 명의 관객을 동원했다. 멤버들의 솔로 무대 등이 온라인을 뜨겁게 달구며 팬미팅의 여운을 이어가는 가운데, 뉴진스는 6일 니혼TV ‘THE MUSIC DAY 2024’에 출연한다.


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No. 1 in New Jeans, top of the Acha rankings in the 4th week of June... Top rankings in Aespa, Youngji Lee, QWER, and Ive


The Japan Tokyo Dome fan meeting was successfully completed on the 26th and 27th of last month.




Break News Reporter Park Dong-je = The group NewJeans (Minzy, Hani, Daniel, Hae-rin, Hye-in) ranked first on the Idol Chart Acha Ranking for the 4th week of June.


On the 6th, Idol Chart said, “In the Acha rankings for the 4th week of June (June 24th to June 30th) announced today, New Genes received a total score of 20,000, including a music score of 1,896 points, a YouTube score of 15,671 points, and a social score of 3,780 points. “I ranked first with 1,467 points,” he said.


Espa took second place with a total score of 12,251 points. This was followed by Lee Young-ji (7,958 points), QWER (6,154 points), Ive (5,240 points), Rise (4,815 points), IU (4,601 points), Lim Young-woong (4,252 points), Aillet (4,225 points), and Lee Moo-jin (3,762 points). It was counted as


Meanwhile, New Jeans mobilized a total of 91,200 audiences to the Tokyo Dome fan meeting ‘Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome’ held on the 26th and 27th of last month. While the members' solo stages are heating up online and continuing the afterglow of the fan meeting, New Jeans will appear on Nippon TV's 'THE MUSIC DAY 2024' on the 6th.




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