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방금 마신 물 한잔에도

쉼 없는, 인연의 끈이 이어져 있겠지.


어디엔가 떨어진 첫 빗방울이

또 어디론가 흐르던 물길이

흐르고 흘러 나에게 왔을 테니까.


나와 맺어진 인연의 고리는

물이었을까? 빛이었을까? 소리였을까?

만질 수 없는 정신이었을까? 

볼 수 없는 무형의 그 무엇이었을까?


나와 연관된 인연의 끈을 끝까지 추스른다면

인연이란 무엇일까?

후루룩 물 한잔 마시는 이 순간에도

억겁의 인연이란 끈이 줄을 잇고 있다네.

<2021년 7월7일> 


*필자/문일석. 시인. 한국문인협회 회원(시 분과). 서울시인협회 이사.


[Poetry] The bond of relationship

- Poet Il-Suk moon


Even a glass of water you just drank

There will be a continuous, uninterrupted bond of relationship.


The first raindrops that fell somewhere

The water that flowed somewhere else

Flowing and flowing, it must have come to me.


The link of the relationship with me

was it water? was it light? was it a sound?

Was it an untouchable spirit?

What was the intangible that could not be seen?


If you hold on to the ties that are related to me to the end

What is a relationship?

Even at this moment when I drink a glass of water

There is a string of eons of ties.

<July 7, 2021>


**Writer/Il-Suk Moon. poet. Member of Korean Writers Association (Poetry Division). Director of the Seoul Poetry Association.


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