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평생 친구가 몇 명이나 될까나?

시인에겐 초중고를 함께 다닌 친구가 한 명 있다네.


평생 동안 친구가 많을 줄을 알았는데

요즘 따라 평생 한 명의 친구라는 말이

마음에 와 닿는다네.


한 명의 친구라면

그동안 무척 고독했다는 말인데

한 명이라도 있으니 맘이 놓이긴 하지.


이쯤 되어서는

외로워, 외롭다고...


소나기가 겁나게 쏟아지는

한 여름 밤, 깜깜한 밤에

평생 친구에게 전화라도 걸어봐야겠네

“친구 오늘도 잘 살았지...”


어디에도 쓸모없는 이런저런 이야기를 나누며

전화통화를 하며

어두운 밤중이 무섭지 않도록

친구가 한명이라도 있어서 좋네.



시인. 한국문인협회 회원(시 분과), 서울시인협회 이사.


lifelong friend

- Poet Il-suk Moon


How many friends will you have in your lifetime?

The poet has a friend who went to elementary and middle school with him.


I thought I would have many friends for the rest of my life

Nowadays, it is said that a friend is a lifelong friend.

it touches my hea


if one friend

I mean, I've been very lonely all this time.

There's only one person, so I'm not relieved.


By this time

Lonely, lonely...


it's raining terribly

Midsummer night, on a dark night

I guess I'll have to call my friend for the rest of my life

“My friend, I had a good day today…”


Talking about things that are useless anywhere

making a phone call

So that the dark night is not afraid

It's nice to have at least one friend.


*Writer/Il-Suk Moon.

poet. Member of Korea Writers Association (city division), Director of Seoul Association of Writers.  


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