목포시, 확진자 2명 추가 발생...자가격리자, 타지역 거주자

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(목포=브레이크뉴스) 이학수 기자= 전남 목포시에 28일 현재 목포 35번째, 36번째 확진자가 추가 발생했다.


35번 확진자는 16일 연기학원 방문자로 자가격리 중 격리 해제 전 2차 검사에서 양성판정 받았으며 이동 동선은 없는 것으로 확인됐다.


36번 확진자는 경기도 남양주시 거주자로 26일 업무상 목포에 방문해 머물던 중 서울에서 모임에 함께 참석했던 지인이 확진됐다는 연락을 받고 27일 11시경 진단검사를 실시한 후 12시 50분 서울로 귀가했으며 28일 확진판정 받았다.


시는 36번 확진자의 이동 동선에 따른 접촉자는 대부분 파악돼 현재 진단검사 진행 중으로 결과가 나오는 대로 알려드릴 예정이라고 밝혔다.


다만, 지난 26일 18시부터 21시까지 해안로 소재 선경준치횟집 이용자와 27일 12시부터 12시 40분까지 얌샘김밥 목포역점 이용자를 파악 중으로 해당 시간대에 업소를 방문한 시민은 진단검사를 실시하도록 안내했다.


김종식 목포시장은 “연이어 확진자가 발생하고 있다. 자가격리 중 확진자 발생이 이어 지고 있어 격리 수칙 준수가 더욱 중요해졌다.” 며 “특히, 타 지역 방문자에 의한 지역 전파가 염려되고 있어 시민 여러분의 마스크 착용, 외출 자제 등 방역 협조가 절실하다.” 며 호소했다.


아래는 위의 글을 구글번역이 번역한 영문의 <전문>이다. Below is an English translated by Google Translate.


Mokpo City, 2 additional confirmed cases occurred...Independently, residents of other regions

No. 35 confirmed person, confirmed during self-quarantine, no movement or contact... Confirmed No. 36, resident in Gyeonggi-do, received confirmation while on business trip to Mokpo


(Mokpo = Break News) Reporter Lee Hak-soo = As of the 28th in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, the 35th and 36th confirmed cases in Mokpo occurred.


The 35th confirmed person was a visitor to the acting academy on the 16th and was tested positive in the second examination before the release of quarantine during self-isolation, and it was confirmed that there was no moving line.


The 36th confirmed person was a resident of Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, visited Mokpo for business on the 26th, and was informed that an acquaintance who attended the meeting in Seoul was confirmed, and after conducting a diagnostic test around 11 o'clock on the 27th, he returned to Seoul at 12:50 and was confirmed on the 28th. Was judged.


The city said that most of the contacts according to the movement of confirmed person No. 36 were identified, and diagnostic tests are currently in progress, and the results will be informed as soon as the results are available.


However, users who visited the business during the time period are being identified as users of Sunkyung Junchi raw fish stores located in Haean-ro from 18:00 to 21:00 on the 26th and users of the Yumsaem Kimbap Mokpo Station branch from 12:00 to 12:40 on the 27th. Guided.


Kim Jong-sik, Mayor of Mokpo, said, “There are consecutive cases of confirmed cases. As confirmed cases continue to occur during self-isolation, compliance with containment rules has become even more important.” “In particular, we are concerned about the spread of the region by visitors from other regions, so it is urgent to cooperate with quarantine, such as wearing masks and refraining from going out.” And appealed.

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