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브레이크뉴스 박동제 기자= 가을방학 출신 가수 겸 작곡가 정바비(본명 정대욱)가 교제하던 여성을 폭행하고 성관계 영상 등을 불법 촬영한 혐의로 검찰에 넘겨졌다.


서울 마포경찰서는 지난 17일 “정바비를 폭행과 성폭력범죄의 처벌 등에 관한 특례법 위반(카메라 등 이용촬영) 혐의로 불구속 송치했다”고 밝혔다.


경찰은 지난 1월 중순 정바비로부터 폭행을 당하고 불법 촬영 피해를 당했다는 여성 A씨의 고소장을 접수한 뒤 수사에 착수했고, 압수수색을 통해 정바비의 휴대전화와 컴퓨터 등을 확보했다.


경찰은 휴대전화와 컴퓨터 등에 대해 디지털포렌식 작업 등을 진행했고, 불법 촬영된 영상 여러 개 등 관련 증거를 확보한 것으로 알려졌다. 또한 정바비와 피해자, 목겨자 등을 불러 조사했다.


앞서 정바비는 지난해 5월 전 여자친구였던 20대 가수 지망생 B씨 유족으로부터 성폭력범죄의 처벌 등에 관한 특례법 위반(성폭력처벌법·카메라 등을 이용한 촬영) 및 강간치상 혐의로 고발당했다. B씨 그해 4월 극단적 선택을 한 것으로 알려졌다. 


이에 서울 마포경찰서는 지난해 11월 18일 성폭력범죄의 처벌 등에 관한 특례법 위반 혐의를 받는 정바비에 대해 기소의견으로 검찰에 넘겼다. 다만 간치상 혐의는 증거가 불충분해 불기소 의견으로 송치했다.


그러나 검찰은 정바비의 혐의에 대해 증거가 충분하지 않다며 ‘혐의 없음’으로 결론을 내리고 불기소 처분했다. 


무혐의 처분을 받은 정바비는 지난 15일 자신의 블로그에 “그동안 수사에 최대한 성실히 임해 저의 억울함을 차분히 설명했다. 수사기관에서는 당시의 카톡 등 여러 자료를 확보해 검토했고, 그 결과 제가 처음부터 주장해온 대로, 검찰은 최근 고발사실 전부에 대해 혐의가 없다고 결론을 내렸다”며 심경을 전한 바 있다.


한편, 정바비가 속했던 가을방학은 지난 3월, 결성 12년 만에 해체했다.


-아래는 위의 글을 구글번역이 번역한 영문의 <전문>이다. [Below is an English <Full text>


Singer and composer Jeong Boabi (real name Jeong Dae-wook) from the fall vacation was handed over to the prosecution for assaulting a woman she had been dating and for illegally filming sexual relations videos.


The Seoul Mapo Police Department announced on the 17th that "Jeong Bobby was sent to her on charges of violating the Special Act on the punishment of her assault and sexual violence crimes (shooting using cameras, etc.)."


In mid-January last year, the police began an investigation after receiving a complaint from a woman A, who had been assaulted by her Jung Bobby and suffered illegal shooting damage, and secured Jung Bobby's mobile phone and computer through seizure and search.


It is known that the police conducted digital forensic work on mobile phones and computers, and secured related evidence, including several illegally photographed images. In addition, Jung Bobby, her victims, and neck mustard were called and investigated.


Earlier, in May of last year, Jeong Bobby was accused of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (Sexual Violence Punishment Act, filming using cameras, etc.) and rape from the bereaved family of her former girlfriend in her twenties, who was a singer, B It is known that Mr. B made an extreme choice in April of that year.


In response, the Seoul Mapo Police Department turned over to the prosecution on November 18 last year against Jeong Bobby, who was accused of violating the Special Act on the punishment of her sexual violence crimes. She said, however, that there was insufficient evidence to accuse her liver injury, so she was sent in a non-prosecution opinion.


However, the prosecution concluded that there was not enough evidence for her charges against Bobby Chung, and concluded that there was no charge, and she dismissed the charges without prosecution.


Jeong Bobby, who received her acquittal, wrote on her own blog on the 15th, “In the meantime, I have been working hard on her investigations and explaining her resentment. The investigative agency secured and reviewed various data such as KakaoTalk at the time of her, and as a result, as I have argued from the beginning, the prosecution has concluded that there is no charge for all the facts of the recent accusations.”


On the other hand, the fall vacation, which Bobby Jeong belonged to, was disbanded in March after 12 years of formation.




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