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(무안=브레이크뉴스) 이학수 기자= 전라남도는 코로나 4차 대유행으로 확진자가 급증하는 가운데 최근 30도를 웃도는 무더위가 지속됨에 따라 긴급 설치로 폭염 대비에 열악한 선별진료소의 운영 시간을 탄력적으로 조정하는 등 폭염 대책을 마련해 추진한다고 밝혔다.


이에 따라 선별진료소 의료인력의 원활한 업무 수행을 위해 ▲개인보호구를 간소화하고 ▲휴식공간을 마련하며 운영시간을 탄력 조정(14~16시 미운영)하며 ▲냉방조끼 등 개인 냉방용품을 지원한다.


또한 검체 채취 대상자의 온열질환 예방을 위해 ▲검사소 내 그늘막을 설치하고 대형 선풍기, 얼음물 등 폭염 예방물품을 비치하며 ▲대기 시간 최소화 및 검사자 분산을 위해 검사 사전예약제를 운영한다.


강영구 전남도 보건복지국장은 “최근 4차 대유행 속 확진자가 급증하는 가운데 폭염까지 겹치며 매우 어려운 상황”이라면서 “되도록 외출 등 만남을 자제하고, 백신 접종자라도 실내외 관계없이 마스크를 착용하며, 백신 사전예약을 통해 접종에 참여하는 등의 적극적인 협조 바란다”고 말했다.


22일 현재 전남지역 코로나19 확진자는 총 1천863명으로 지역감염은 1천754명, 해외유입은 109명이다.


백신 접종자는 1차 접종 기준 76만 명으로, 전체도민 185만 명의 41.3%의 접종률을 기록했다.


아래는 위의 글을 구글번역이 번역한 영문의 <전문>이다. Below is an English translated by Google Translate.


Jeollanam-do promotes heat wave measures at corona screening clinics

Adjustment of operating hours flexibility, operation of diagnostic test reservation system, provision of preventive products


(Muan=Break News) Reporter Hak-Soo Lee = In Jeollanam-do, as the number of confirmed cases is rapidly increasing due to the fourth corona pandemic, and the heat exceeding 30 degrees continues, the operation hours of screening clinics that are poor in preparation for heat waves due to emergency installation are flexibly adjusted. He said that he would come up with a plan and implement it.

Accordingly, for the smooth performance of medical personnel at screening clinics, ▲ personal protective equipment is simplified ▲ provided a rest area, flexible operating hours are adjusted (not operated from 14:00 to 16:00), and ▲ personal cooling equipment such as air conditioning vests are provided.

In addition, in order to prevent heat-related diseases of the subject to be sampled, ▲ shade curtains are installed in the testing center, heat-preventing items such as large fans and ice water are provided, and ▲ testing advance reservation system is operated to minimize waiting time and disperse testers.

Kang Yeong-gu, director of the Jeollanam-do Health and Welfare Bureau, said, “The recent 4th pandemic has rapidly increased the number of confirmed cases and the heat wave is also overlapping, and it is a very difficult situation.” He added, “We should refrain from meeting people such as going out as much as possible, and even those who have been vaccinated should wear a mask regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors. We look forward to active cooperation, such as participating in vaccinations.”

As of the 22nd, a total of 1,863 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Jeonnam were 1,754 local infections and 109 imported from overseas.

The number of vaccinated people was 760,000 based on the first dose, and the inoculation rate was 41.3% of the total 1.85 million citizens.


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