올해 광복절·개천절·한글날 대체공휴일 확정..성탄절은 제외

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브레이크뉴스 정명훈 기자= 설·추석연휴, 어린이날에만 적용되던 대체공휴일이 앞으로 3·1절, 광복절, 개천절, 한글날 등 4일의 국경일에 확대 적용된다.


인사혁신처는 이 같은 내용을 담은 ‘관공서의 공휴일에 관한 규정’ 개정안(대통령령)이 3일 국무회의를 통과했다고 밝혔다.


개정안은 대통령 재가를 거쳐 빠르면 4일 관보에 실려 즉시 효력이 발생한다.


이에 따라 당장 올해 토·일요일과 겹치는 광복절, 개천절, 한글날 3일에 대체공휴일이 새롭게 적용된다.


오는 8월 16일(광복절 다음날), 10월 4일(개천절 다음날), 10월 11일(한글날 다다음날)이 대체공휴일이 된다.


앞서 인사처는 지난달 16일 이 같은 내용의 입법예고를 한 바 있다.


한편, 정부는 관계부처와 경제계 등 관련 단체들의 의견수렴 등을 거쳐 성탄절과 석가탄신일은 대체공휴일 지정에서 제외했다.


아래는 위의 글을 구글번역이 번역한 영문의 <전문>이다. [Below is an English <Full text> translated by Google Translate.]


Substitute holidays for Liberation Day, National Foundation Day, and Hangeul Day have been confirmed this year..Excluding Christmas Day

-Reporter Jeong Myung-Whun


Substitute holidays, which were applied only to Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok holidays, and Children’s Day, will be extended to 4 national holidays such as March 1st, Liberation Day, National Foundation Day, Hangeul Day, etc.

The Ministry of Personnel Management and Innovation announced that the amendment (Presidential Decree) passed the State Council meeting on the 3rd day of the 'regulations on public holidays' with the same content.

The amendment will be put into effect immediately after being approved by the president and published in the Gazette for 4 days as soon as possible.

Accordingly, on the 3rd day of Liberation Day, National Foundation Day, and Hangeul Day, which overlap with Saturdays and Sundays this year, substitution holidays will be applied.

Next coming August 16th (the day after Liberation Day), October 4th (the day after National Foundation Day), and October 11th (the day after Hangeul Day) will be substitute holidays.

Earlier, on the 16th of last month, the Ministry of Personnel Management gave a notice of legislation with this content.

Meanwhile, the government excluded Christmas Day and Sakya's Birthday from the designation of alternative holidays after collecting opinions from related ministries and related organizations such as the business community.


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